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RTG Launches Marketing Partnership with Love 2 To World Celebration to help curb hunger in India

RTG Group announced that it has partnered up with a Global Mega-Event Fundraiser, that has been developed via Artists and Broadcasts Partnerships, to raise funds (proceeds/donations) for those most affected by the COVID 19 pandemic, the disadvantaged. The Proceeds collected through the partnership will go to participating artists’ chosen Global Registered Charities following the United Nations 17 Sustainable and Assessable Development Goals.

‘We are excited to collaborate with Love 2 To World Celebration. Through our partnership we’d be able to expand our horizon and create a massive social impact beyond Canada’ - Stephen Clarke, CEO of RTG Group. ‘

The beginning of the integration will start with collaborating with the talented Punjabi superstar Sukhbir Singh. We are looking to help curb hunger across India through this strategic partnership through a new and innovative giving model

Our goal by partnering with these RTG and the artists is to feed 500,000 Children per Month through a unique model that offers full transparency while ensuring EVERYONE WINS MORE THAN THEY PUT IN! This is the way to eliminate food insecurity across households anywhere in the world.’ - Manuel Canales, CEO of The Media Group Inc.

Stay tuned to find out how you can participate and be part of this initiative.

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