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RTG celebrates partnership with Speak Up and Empower for a brand new feeding program

RTG Group and Speak Up and Empower, a growing community-building organization joined forces to help eradicate food insecurity in North America through an amazing new program ‘I Will Feed Our Children’ starting next week.

This event aims to feed 1,000,000+ starving children across North America through a sustainable and effective giving model in the next 12 months. RTG Group in collaboration with Speak Up and Empower will provide the tools and knowledge to run the program in fine shape.

‘Our team is super excited to jump-start the program’, says Stephen Clarke, CEO of RTG Group ‘We always adhere to our motto that EVERYONE MUST WIN MORE THAN THEY PUT IN and this will reflect in our program as well. Through our partnership, we’d be able to expand our horizon and create a massive social impact across North America’ he further adds.

Speak Up and Empower’s Founder Karen Ansell-MacKinnon says ‘It is with great honor in announcing that Speak Up and Empower and the RTG Group have collaborated to find a resolution for childhood hunger in North America.

Speak Up and Empoweris a heart-centered community that strives itself for us to be the best versions of ourselves. We believe collectively any dream can become a reality through educating, impacting, and being visible. If you could stand in your power, and end childhood hunger, would you? It is time we start the conversations that shape the way we live.’

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