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  • What does RTG Group stand for?
    RTG Group stands for Receiving Through Giving. This reflects our core philosophy: in every program we do everyone must receive MORE than they put it in. We only create programs that are win-win-win. ​ In addition, because lack of food is a foundational obstacle in realizing your full potential, all of our programs have, as one of their elements, a means of feeding malnourished people in your community.
  • Is RTG Group a charity?
    No! RTG Group is not a charity. We are a for-profit social enterprise - which is a fancy way of saying we are a business that focuses exclusively on building programs that make a positive impact in the world. RTG Group partners with existing charities to form natural partnerships that benefit thousands of people. The advantage of being a for-profit social enterprise is simple: we operate efficiently, skillfully, and methodically, just like a business would. Our employees are always being evaluated for their performance. At RTG Group we have fully-dedicated, brilliant individuals, working around the clock to help solve some of the world's greatest problems.
  • What does the RTG Discount App do? What discounts are on it?
    Through the RTG Discount Mobile app, you’ll have a single online access point that provides you with thousands of discounts on products and services you use all the time! The RTG Discount App can be used in-store to redeem discounts at over 6000 locations. Alternatively, many discounts on our app can be used online aswell. Some examples of brands that offer discounts on our app are: Costco, Nissan, Canyon Creek, Lacoste, Calvin Klein, Cineplex, The Source, Adidas, Enterprise, Fairmont Hotels, and thousands more.
  • How can I recieve the RTG Discount App?
    You can recieve the discount app by signing up for any of our programs. Visit our 'Projects' section on the home page to find out more.
  • Are RTG's programs national in scope?
    Yes! RTG's programs are all national in scope. However, most of our programs are focused around the community so while they are national in scope, they are also local in their benefits. Give and Gain, for example, is indeed a national program - but if an American signs up for Give and Gain they will be feeding another American in need.
  • What kind of food does RTG Group produce?
    Nourishing. Wholesome. Pure. Nutritious and delicious bars and granola cups are made with healthy, non-GMO ingredients. With no refrigeration necessary, they allow for convenience and GMO-free, vegan, balanced nutrition just as Mother Nature intended. All of our healthy foods are made without artificial flavors or colors. Each package is made up of 1 cup and 2 bars, enough food to provide one person with one nutritious meal per day. Our focus is ensuring that every person starts their day with a healthy breakfast and a full-stomach.
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